Saturday, September 8, 2012

After Heidi's Funeral

The funeral for Heidi was touching and funny--exactly what I expected.  It was a good day to reminisce and celebrate Heidi's life, and to reconnect with friends from the Lehi 25th ward.

The biggest surprise was seeing Kyle and Jonette.  They flew back early from their 20th anniversary trip to Hawaii, and got off the plane in Salt Lake (instead of continuing on to Helena).  Kylene came up from SUU, and Kiera and Kaysen drove down with Grandpa and Dan (who were babysitting staying with them).

We got there early because we did not know how full it would be, and the girls did great the whole time.  Lynlee and I spent the last hour in the foyer, and that was fun for me.  She learned where her elbow is, and how to sign "scared."  She was so tired, but would not settle down to sleep on my lap, or when we walked around with her head on my shoulder.  After we got in the truck, she was asleep before we left the parking lot, and Ellie was asleep soon after.

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