Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Relief Society Activity

My new calling is on the Relief Society committee, and this was the first activity I helped with.

I say "helped" loosely, because when the girls and I showed up to help set up, it was pretty much a disaster.  Lynlee, normally so easy-going and adaptable, was constipated and not feeling well and clingy.  I held all 27 pounds of her the whole time.  Ellie, not very adaptable and needing time to warm up to any new situation, had a hard time and cried and clung to my leg.

So, I am holding my gorgeous and heavy baby in my left arm while trying to put on tablecloths/iron tablecloths/move baby chairs out of the room, while Ellie is crying and hanging on to my leg.

It was awesome.

I eventually got Ellie settled, thanks to snacks and a new friend Dana, and Snow White on Catherine's phone.  That lasted about 20 minutes, and then I gave up and left.

The good news is that the activity was really fun,and it looked amazing when I got back there that night!  A yummy dinner and fun games, good company and nice ambiance made for a perfect night.

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