Thursday, October 6, 2011

Finishing the Basement

Day 3
I loved the framing process!  My whole house smells like wood, and it is delicious.  After the noise of yesterday with no nap for Ellie and a minimal nap for Lynlee, both girls crashed hard in the afternoon and slept through it all.  The only hiccup (umm, make that 2 hiccups) was coming home from running errands (to escape the noise for a little while) to the water being shut off.  The framers nailed through a water pipe - on 2 separate occasions - and had to take the time to repair that.  No water meant I didn't finish the laundry or do the dishes, but that was okay.  The major issue was not being able to use the restroom.  Good thing Ellie is not potty trained yet.

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