Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Finishing the Basement

Day 2
Cutting Concrete
When we were building this house, we submitted a change order to the builder to authorize roughing in plumbing for a second bathroom, which was denied.  The sales agent lady told us it was no big deal; we could just bring our own plumber by after hours once the plumbing had been inspected and approved, and before the foundation was poured (is that legal?).  She called us on a Friday and said the plumbing was being approved right then, and the foundation would be poured Monday morning.  Greg got our neighbor Lee all lined up, and they showed up Saturday morning at 7 a.m. to put in the plumbing.  And the concrete was already poured.  For the first (and only) time in our house-building process, something was done early.

It worked out, though, because they would have moved the pipes anyway based off of our first estimates 6 years ago.  Today the plumbers spent all day cutting concrete and jack-hammering and laying pipe.  As Ellie told me, "it loud, Mommy!"  We spent most of the day running errands and playing outside.  In hindsight, I am really glad we had that great day outside, since the weather turned the next day.

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