Saturday, October 1, 2011

Ball o' Yarn

Half of Lynlee's closet is still miscellaneous storage, including lots of yarn.  Ellie has discovered that she can reach through the open door (from the side that has toys and clothes) and pull the yarn out.  She likes to put me and her babies to sleep - "for pretend, Mom."  She will lay out a blanket, get a skein of yarn for a pillow, order me to lay down, and put another blanket on top.  On Friday, one of the giant skeins pulled apart, and I knew that I needed to ball it up to prevent a disaster.  Slowly but surely over the next couple of days, any time we played in one of the girls' rooms, I worked on it.  A few times I wanted to just cut off the tangled end and call it good enough, but my frugality won out.  Finally, finally, this afternoon I finished.

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