Thursday, August 18, 2011


I ordered a pink tricycle for Ellie for her birthday from, because I get free 2-day shipping as a result of buying my diapers from them (cheaper per diaper than Costco, and delivered right to my door -- I am so grateful Whitney T told me about the Amazon Mom club).  I didn't realize until after I placed the order that it was going to be fulfilled by, and thus didn't qualify for free OR 2-day shipping.  The trike came on the Monday after Ellie's birthday, and one of the pedals was broken.  (And as a side note, the three times I have ordered from have all had negative outcomes.  I thought I had already learned my lesson after it happening to me twice, and now I have learned my lesson again and will double-check on amazon who the order is coming from.)

Ellie had, of course, been so excited and helped me empty the box.  Once the pedal was found broken, I realized I couldn't put the trike together, and boxed it all back up.  Then I had a sad girl...

After the rigamarole of talking with customer service (very nice and friendly on the amazon end, not so friendly on the target end) and taking the box to a UPS store to send back, a replacement tricycle finally arrived.  And Ellie helped me put it together.
Ellie is still a little too small to reach both pedals at the same time.  After we experimented for a while, she decided to share with Lambie.  You can see that Lambie is driving Barney around (he is in the basket).

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