Thursday, August 11, 2011

People Who Have Influenced My Life


I have known the beautiful McKinzie since she was a kindergartener, and she is about to be a Junior in High School.  She was one of my first piano students when we moved to our first house in Lehi.  She broke her arm in a freak chase-my-brother-across-the-wood-floor-and-slip accident and it delayed our start for a few months, but she has been going strong ever since.  She is now a ward organist and a piano teacher herself, as well as an oboist (and a baritonist in the marching band).

I love Kinz so much!  I have always tried to claim her as a daughter.  For years I had a tradition in piano to reward the students' practicing efforts by letting them earn an 8-week treat (a non-creative name wherein if they met their practicing goal for 8 straight weeks, I would take them and a friend out for ice cream).  I started the tradition so that I would have an excuse to spend more time with Kinz, and she never disappointed.  I don't think she ever missed a week of practicing in 11 years!  Sometimes I would get so behind (in those days I was teaching 3 classes at the U and averaged 27 piano students) that I would owe Kinz 3-4 treats...

Kinzie is so gorgeous, inside and out.  I hope she knows how talented and accomplished and genuinely good she is.  I think the only regret semi-disappointment I have in adopting Ellie and Lynlee is that I spend less time with Kinz and her family.  They are some of my favorite people in the whole world, but today I am only talking about Kinz.

Kinz is considerate, compassionate, and quick-witted.  She is friendly and a little shy and amazingly talented.  She meets the challenges in her life with a good attitude and an "I can do it" spirit.

I love that she told me today that she and her friends are total Mollys.  I hope she always stays a Molly Mormon, and I want to be just like her when I grow up!

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The Gardner Family said...

Wow!! Great post Heather! I wish I knew McKinzie better and I did have fun getting to know her a little bit more this year at camp! She really is an amazing girl! She has an amazing story and just seems to blossom in whatever she does! I LOVED this post! :)