Saturday, February 5, 2011


Well. Ellie had her first temper tantrum tonight.

It started over practically nothing.  We have an answering machine with our phones that we don't use (because we have voice mail) and Ellie likes to push the buttons and make them beep.  I have no problem with that - it totally makes her giggle!  Ellie was pushing buttons and then started to push the whole unit off the table.  She stopped and looked at me, so I said "no no, please don't push that."  And then she pushed it off.  So I picked her up and asked her to say sorry.

As a side note, this happens often - Ellie tests something after I say no, and then she says sorry and I give her a kiss and we move on.  No big deal.

This afternoon, it turned into a big deal.  After I asked her to say sorry, Ellie said "NO!" with her mouth and her hand.  So I asked her again.  And she said "NO!" again.  After 4 times, I said we could just sit on the bed together until she was ready to say sorry.  And Ellie burst into tears.

Then we started a cycle of crying for a couple of minutes, and then me asking her to say sorry and her telling me no.  I thought, surely she wouldn't cry more than 5 minutes.  And surely not more than 10 minutes.  After 15 minutes, I put Ellie in her bed for a minute so I could get Lynlee (who had woken up from her nap early because of the racket).  And then we all sat on my bed again.  After 27 minutes, Lynlee fell asleep again.

This went on for 73 minutes.  Yep, one hour and 13 minutes.  Can you say stubborn? 

For the last 20 minutes or so, I had to keep on shifting Ellie so she wouldn't fall asleep sitting in my lap.  Finally, Ellie half-heartedly kind of swiped one finger across her chest, and I instantly praised and thanked and got up off of the bed.   We picked up the answering machine together and gave kisses and all is right with the world again.


Traci said...

Wow she is stubborn. I haven't even taught Hope sorry yet.

Bobi said...

I am soooo sorry. Kudos to you for sticking it out for 73 minutes!

Julie M said...

I can totally relate to this!!!!! :)