Friday, December 31, 2010

2010 in Review


Elizabeth said...

what a fun collage! (And I'm so excited I made it in!!) What a crazy year -- to have Ellie's sealing and Lynlee's birth in the same year!

HappyCamper said...

Thanks so much for your consistency in posting these wonderful pixs. They have made such a wonderful addition to our daily routine. We really love and appreciate the extra effort it takes to snap and publish.

Thanks to two most wonderful, personable, honest people that I know. You two are wonderful examples of goodness. The Lord knows your needs and has indeed blest you mightily this past 18 months. Thanks for sharing with us such special, sacred memories.

We love you two who have now become 1 and that makes 4. Fathers math is sure different than what I learned but I really like His math much better!