Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Closing the Closet Door

Ellie figured out how to open and close her closet today.  She was so intent on doing it!
This smart girl has added at least a dozen signs to her vocabulary in the last 2 days.  Ellie also loves to point at people in pictures (especially Dad).  Yesterday, we were looking at the photo gallery, and I asked her where Davis was.  Ellie pointed right to him.  So I asked her where Tayler was.  And Ellie pointed right to her.  Ellie also correctly pointed to Tammy, Gwen, and Brayden.  

She did it again today, and said ELLIE when she pointed to herself!!!!!


Traci said...

That's smart, alright.

The Gardner Family said...

That is the cutest little outfit on the cutest little girl! :) Can't wait to see her tonight!