Saturday, October 9, 2010

Adoption Training

Greg and I attended training classes this weekend on adoption, and the classes were wonderful.  We took these classes almost 4 years ago when we got approved the first time, and it has been so interesting to take them again with a different perspective.  Last time, I was caught up in the how-do-I-make-our-profile-so-cute-and-beat-out-all-of-our-competition.  This time, I thought a lot about Ellie and Tayler, and our relationship with Tayler and her family.  Every adoption experience is so unique, and I was really struck with gratitude with how wonderful Tayler is, and how we have (at least in our perspective) built a healthy relationship together.  I also could not thinking about how much love is experienced and shown by birth parents and adoptive parents.  Adoption truly is all about love.

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Traci said...

Really, You have to go through training again?
I made 5 or 6 different profiles because of the different agency's we were with. It is interesting to see what each agency felt was most important and what they wanted you to put in you family profile.
Good luck putting another one together. I'm excited for all of you.