Thursday, April 1, 2010

Story Time with Holly

Today Elizabeth brought her neighbor Holly with us to story time (Holly's mom just had a baby).  It was fun to watch a 4 year old enjoy the stories and do all of the actions.  After Story Time was over, Holly went and picked out a book for Elizabeth to read to her.
Just randomly, Holly picked this book, When You Were Inside Mommy.  I thought it would be a sweet story about before the little boy was born.  But no.  It went totally into the reproductive process, complete with pictures of "Mommy's cells" and "Daddy's cells" and babies in utero.  Poor Elizabeth went beet red, and did fabulous paraphrasing and skipped many pages. 

I shouldn't laugh at her uncomfortableness, but it was hilarious!

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Whitney said...

In my defense, Holly owns a book called "I'm a Big Sister" that grandma gave her when Rhett was born. . . it's by the same author and looks a lot like this one. Of course this one caught her eye (even if she had NO idea what it was about. . . and still has NO idea what it is about. . . thanks, Elizabeth!!).