Monday, April 12, 2010


I have always had a fascination with names.  Today I was reminded of this as I was sitting in the dentist's chair - my dentist is called Dr. Pitts.  My high school band teacher was named Miss Horn, and my high school choir director was Mr. Reiser.  Do your names predispose you to choosing a career?  Could Miss Horn have been a neurological surgeon?

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Magson said...

So my former mission companion with the last name "Whitehouse" is supposed to be president someday? Or my companion with last name "Churchward" is supposed to be prophet?

I know a guy with the last name of "Murder," dated a girl with last name "Metzger" (butcher), anyone with last name beginning with "Fitz" is from a bastard line. Yet Mr. Murder has never committed one, Ms. Metzger is not a butcher, and I don't know any Fitz-whatevers that are bastards either (literally or figuratively).

I think it's all just a coincidence ;-)

Yeah yeah, I know you do too, but it is a fun thought experiment.