Thursday, March 11, 2010

Library Gala

Tonight was the annual Library Gala, a fundraising event which (shockingly) raises funds for the library.  My first library board meeting was spent planning the gala, and I asked if Jon Schmidt's cellist was coming.  At that point, he wasn't.  So, my first contribution to the whole process was to get them to invite Steven Sharp Nelson to come as well, and everyone agreed it was great to have them both!  Their interplay is hilarious. 

Amy and I spent a few minutes before the event started chatting with Jon and Steve (it sounds so cool to say that!), and they are just as funny and personable in a small setting as they are when they are performing.  If you are not familiar with Jon Schmidt, go to his website - he has pretty much all of his songs available to listen to for free. 

So a successful fundraiser, and a great concert! 

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The Gardner Family said...

Very successful except that it was sold out so fast!!! I was so excited to go with Matt to this. i lined the babysitter up but should've gotten tickets right away. Looks like a blast!