Tuesday, January 19, 2010

We love Aunt Jo!

Ellie gets to play with "Aunt" Jo on Tuesday afternoons while I play with some of my favorite children in the world (Tyler, Sadie, Madelin, McKinzie, Zack, and Syreese).  Ellie loves all of the attention she gets at Jo's house.

Joanna told me that today, their neighbor Hailey came over to see Ellie, and Ellie cried at the stranger.  She never cries for Jo anymore (but there were a couple of rougher weeks).  Jo said that it made her really happy to know that Ellie is so comfortable with them. 

I was holding Ellie when I got there, and Jacob peeked over my right shoulder, and Ellie smiled at him, and then he peeked over my left shoulder, and then he went back and forth.  Ellie giggled, and her eyes were so bright and she had such a look of wonderment on her face as she tried to figure out what Jacob would do next.

We love Aunt Jo!

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